As a norm, when it’s a “free” service, you are the product.

Not at Zupit. Here you are the customer.

We couldn’t wait for GDPR, we totally value our own data privacy and hated the 30 emails we woke up to every morning!

At Zupit, we don’t believe loyalty and connectivity needs to come at the price of giving away your personal data.

We only take the absolute minimum to make the system work for YOU.

When you use our services, Stampz, MyFeed or Cash Saving Ninjas, it’s completely anonymous to the merchants or advertisers - no emails, no post codes, no location data, and NOTHING viewable to merchants about you.



The only reason we require your email, is to:

Create your account with the ability to reset your password so you won’t be locked out of the loyalty stamps that you have collected.

Inform you of any service issues.

Reply to your correspondence.

Zupit NEVER shares or sells you contact details. Your email address will NEVER to be used for email marketing. That’s our promise.


Post codes are used for two things:

Making services work: Find merchants using Stampz and MyFeed that are local to your designated postcode.

Regional advertising: Any advert you see will NEVER be targeted to individuals, it’s all to provide adverts at a local or national level to everyone.

Using your postcode is completely optional and can be removed by you in app at any time.

Location Services

Are we tracking you? No way, we are not stalkers!

Your location data is simply used to format information presented to you in an order of distance from where you are when you use the app.

The app relays information to you based on your location, so everything is always local to you and presented in an order that makes it relevant, easy and quick.

This information isn’t saved by us or on your device by our app, we will have no record of it in our system. It is all point in time information request.


Part of our business model is to have a subtle amount of advertising through our MyFeed and website services.


Our advertising will never be targeted at individuals, and advertisers do not gain ANY personal data associated with their adverts.

Advertisers will only be aware of:

The number of people an advert potentially reaches within a region, number of likes, or number of shares of an advert, and how many people clicked through to an advert.

We don’t have your:

Address, confirmation of your name, age, gender, sexual preferences or shoe size.

So we don’t have the “data” to give, because we don’t collect it in the first place. Simple.

Your data - your control

You can request all the data we have associated with your account to be emailed to you in a CSV file format by clicking the link below. Please allow up to 28 days for the request to be completed.

(this link will require the user to enter their user name and password to submit. Then an email is sent to the user to confirm they made the request for the data – when that is confirmed by a simple click of a button in an email, the request is carried out)

Delete your account and have all your data removed.

Simply click the link below and we will delete your account and remove all your data from our system.

It can take up to 48hours to complete, you will get an email confirmation and that will be the last you hear from us.


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